Sunday ramble…what we did this week.

Here’s what we did this week:


Drug out the bread machine and made soft pretzels with my girls, Molly and Emily. (see previous post)


Dug out my deeper-fryer and learned how to use it to fry foods. Previously, many moons ago, it was used for candle making. (Don’t worry, I cleaned it thoroughly.)


Started the repair on our leaky wall.  Well, not me personally. My father-in-law and a friend from church. I can’t believe how much cold air is coming in through this exposed brick!  I think our heat is kicking on every 5 minutes.


My sweet Emily made Thumbprint cookies for us.  I can’t believe how she has taken to baking considering up to this point she only new how to make toast and grilled cheese. She makes great Lemon bars too!


God blessed us with a snow day on Saturday.  Big, fluffy flakes came down hard and fast for awhile. Reminded me of our Michigan winters. Of course we had less than an inch of accumulation, but we enjoyed every minute of it.



We enjoyed some candles on our lovely snow day.


Saturday afternoon I got to help Molly package up her homemade scones to sell at her Jazz and Hip-hop showcase that evening.  Thoroughly enjoyed the show but forgot to take pictures.


This morning I made pickled onions. I’ll share more on that later. These are awesome!  I think I could eat them at every meal.


This afternoon, my best friend (husband), hung out in the kitchen with me and we made salsa. I let him chop the jalapeno peppers. 


Dave rustled up some fried ham and apples with cinnamon.


Then Dave and I played some Farkle while sitting in bed and watching T.V.

Our Sundays are usually filled with ballet lessons, grocery shopping, errand running, sometimes coffee with a sweet friend from church, and gathering up children from their friends houses. So today was rather quiet.

What did you get to do this week?


One response to “Sunday ramble…what we did this week.

  1. Good Morning! Just love to see what all is on your blog. I think you have found your niche in the blog world. Love your photographs and their content. I have a busy week coming up…more later. So would love to eat one of those scones and thumbprint cookies. 😉

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