Beef Goulash

I love meals that are fast, easy, and tasty.  This recipe is from my step-mother Debi. I think it was a recipe that her mother made for their family when she was a child. It’s a great meal on those cold winter evenings, especially with some homemade bread.




I’m sure there are many variations on Goulash, but we like this one. Actually, we’ve never tried another. But I’m always open to trying different things.


Brown the beef and drain grease.
Add rest of ingredients and cook until noodles are done. I like to add a can of corn (drained) the last few minutes of cooking.

To make this an even quicker meal, I buy ground beef in bulk and cook it all at once.  I’ll share how I do that in another post. I package the beef in plastic bags in one pound quantities and freeze. I love having these on hand for those days when I forgot to plan ahead or when we need something quick.

Do you have a Goulash recipe to share?


One response to “Beef Goulash

  1. Ahhh…so glad to see a tradition continue…we ate alot of goulash growing up. Love it to this day! I really like the addition of adding corn to the recipe…never thought of that. Beef Goulash …good to the last spoonful!

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