Purim, Pointe Shoes, Donuts, and Dear Friends

We started our day with an amazing worship service about Purim.  Life lessons from the book of Esther.

Afterwards, we had lunch with family and then off to Nashville for my daughters pointe shoe fitting.  Make sure they fit right, otherwise, you will be out  some serious cash. Did you know they only last for about one month of classes? Yikes!


It’s complicated.


After Molly had purchased her pointe shoes, we wandered around The Mall at Green Hills for a bit while we waited for some special-order donuts to be prepared.



This mall is beautiful, if a mall can be considered beautiful. Everything is white and bright. It seemed open and airy. However, given our income level, this mall is just for browsing.


Even Charming Charlie’s seemed more upscale than the one we visited in another town. 


Poked our heads in at Fuzziwig’s. Saw some old school candy. Did we really used to chew on wax lips?   Disgusting! 


Finally, we are on our way to Fox’s Donut Den.  Home of the Chocolate Butterfly.


We were actually getting these as a thank you for some dear, sweet friends who came to our rescue the other night when the key refused to turn in the ignition of my van, leaving me stranded in an empty parking lot, while my daughter was waiting for me to pick her up from ballet early because she was getting sick with strep throat. Not only did they get us home, but they also loaned us a car until mine could be fixed.

I know all of that deserves more than donuts, but they wouldn’t even let me put gas in the car I borrowed. In fact, they felt badly that the tank wasn’t full when they loaned it to me. What? ! They  are true servants of God and examples of laying down your life to serve others. We have learned that here.


I did buy two Chocolate Butterflies to share with my husband and kiddos. These things are HUGE!  We were blessed to be able to get these fresh and warm at 3:00 in the afternoon. Highly recommend.


It was fun to deliver these goodies to our friends. They have been such a blessing to our family.  Praising God for friends such as these and for the message we heard this morning at church.

Have a lovely weekend!


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