Sunday ramble…..what we did this week.


Took kids the kids to get their driver’s permits.  Yikes!


Tore up the ugly, dirty carpet in foyer in preparation for selling our home soon.


Watched spring burst forth.


Created a Honey Ricotta Fig scone recipe. Yum!


Tried a new method for hard cooked eggs. Hmm….


Made a”Shabby Chic/Vintage” looking cake. 


And a deep dish, stuffed crust, ham and pineapple, skillet pizza.  I found the recipe at A Beautiful Mess.

And with the help of my brother, scheduled flight to New York for my oldest daughter and I. She will be attending a summer intensive at American Ballet Theater. Exciting!

Next week, Lord willing……
Meetings for work.
Try making molasses scones.
Pay bills.
Make ham and scalloped potatoes.
Share a few recipes and other things here.
Shop for palm branches for Palm Sunday and Passover weekend.

What did you get to do this past week? What do you hope to do this coming week?

I hope you have a blessed week!


One response to “Sunday ramble…..what we did this week.

  1. ha, I’ve heard those hardboiled eggs don’t work and make the house stink! But your scones look amazing and I see the cake details in the next post.

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