Sunday ramble…….what we did this week.


Started to prepare for our 10th grade homeschool year which starts next Monday. Haven’t gotten very far. Guess I’ll be working on that some more this week.

Learned how to poach eggs. I know, I’m 40-something and never poached an egg. What’s up with that?

Had the opportunity to make lots of simple meals, using simple ingredients and garden abundance. Lord willing, I’ll be sharing some of those recipes soon.

Went for a drive in my husbands new Nissan Leaf. It is actually reducing our monthly car/gas expenditure by roughly $400 a month.

Caught some Sunday nappers. Man and beast. By the way, the beast was snoring rather loudly.

The best part this week was the blessings that poured in from God through our church family in the way of groceries and prayer for a job for my husband. Our freezer and fridge are stuffed! God answered those prayers, and several days later He blessed my husband with a new job. The best part wasn’t the groceries, and it wasn’t the new job. It was knowing and seeing that God is the provider. That He takes care of His children. God is over the top!

I hope you had a great week!


One response to “Sunday ramble…….what we did this week.

  1. Good morning…I sure do miss your Sunday Ramble Posts. Also whats on your windowsill. Would love to see you start these up again. Miss your posts!!! Love you all, Grandma Debi

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