Two Simple Summer Treats

These are so simple I feel silly for even posting them.

Frozen bananas on a stick.  Okay, not really a recipe but it does go to show that something as simple as a banana can be served, if not as desert, you can at least call it a treat. 



Easy peasy.  Bananas seem to get sweeter when you freeze them.  Of course you can dip them in chocolate and roll them in nuts, but we keep it simple around here.  We dip them in peanut butter as we eat them. 





Silly, I know.  But just a reminder that dessert can be simple, too.  I toasted large shred coconut in a skillet and sprinkled it on top to make it look more like a dessert than just a bowl of cantaloupe.  I bet your impressed, huh?   Well, I did tell you I would be sharing “simple” recipes this month. You were warned. 

What are some of your super simple recipes? 


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