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W.o.W. = What’s on Wednesdays

What’s on Wednesdays, or W.o.W. , is a place to share What’s on.

For instance, today’s W.o.W. is What’s on…….your windowsill?

I found this butterfly lying in our driveway when I got home the other day.  Poor butterfly.  He looked completely unharmed.  I wonder how he died.  It was a reminder to me that another summer has passed.

I don’t remember where this vase came from.  I love the blueness of it.  And the dried bit of whatever botanical life that used to be was placed there by my daughter who loves to garden and grow flowers and save seeds and bits of things on my windowsill.  That’s her cactus in the photo below.

On the left side of the windowsill is a bit of encouragement.  The card is from a class that I took through Weigh Down Ministries.  Did I mention I lost about 65 pounds through Weigh Down Ministries over 11 years ago and it’s still off!   That’s a story for another day. 🙂 But in the meantime, you can always visit their site yourself.

The heart cookie cutters are there as a cute way to hold the card up until I need them for cookie making.  The bluebird was given to me by a very dear, sweet friend.

Windowsill update.  My daughter just brought in some flowers.  Perfect!

So…What’s on your windowsill?