Leftover chicken and a Honey Mustard dressing recipe

A few days ago I shared a recipe for Blasted Chicken. (I think it actually came from one of Mary Hunt’s Cheapskate books.) Today I’m going to show you what we did with the leftover chicken.

Since the blasted chicken loses it’s crunchy skin once you refrigerate it, it also loses some of it’s appeal. I took the skin off the leftover chicken thighs, pulled all the meat of the bones, and saved the bones and skin in a bag in the freezer for making stock. I cut the meat into chunks and served it over a bed of spinach. Each person could then add extras as they liked.

I found a recipe for Honey Mustard that was super easy and everyone loved it.


I doubled the recipe and it made almost a pint. This was last night, and today it is almost gone. My daughter ate it with pretzels for a snack this morning. We enjoyed it on a salad at lunch this afternoon with cucumber lime infused waters. So refreshing on a warm summer day.

How do you use your leftover chicken? Have you ever tried making homemade dressings?


2 responses to “Leftover chicken and a Honey Mustard dressing recipe

  1. Oh that really sounds yummy..miss having spinach right now. I’ll give that recipe a try…have been looking for a good honey mustard!

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