Woke up to God’s beautiful fall morning!  He is the master decorator, painter, inventor of all things lovely, isn’t he?  Sigh….


I didn’t have to work yesterday so I enjoyed an extra long quiet time in the morning to read God’s word and to pray.  I’m currently working on reading through the chronological Bible.  I’m really enjoying it.

The chill morning reminded me it was time to get the “smelly candles” out.  Cinnamon Apple Streudel.   Smells so yummy.

My husband lit the gas fireplace for me.  I then spent 15 minutes of my “lovely quiet time” battling the wasps that had fallen in when he opened the flu. Of course they appeared dead until he warmed them by lighting the fire. 


Spent a few moments planning the day.  Things I was hoping to accomplish.  I’ve had a knitting project I’ve been working on since last October. I thought if I wrote it on my “To Do” list I’d be more likely to work on it.  I didn’t.  I did get the baking done though.  In fact, my daughter helped.  She taught me a new way to separate eggs.



I thought this was pretty amazing.  She saw it on the internet. Of course.


And no fall day would be complete without this. 


And finally, my son just aquired a Gilly suit.  Every wardrobe should have one, don’t you think?   Why you would want to wear this while running uphill in the woods carrying a 10 pound gun and trying to avoid being shot by your friends, is beyond me.  But then again, I’m not a 16 year-old boy.  I’m sure it’s loads of fun.


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